The Interior Design Of Buckingham Palace

The official Royal residence of the Queen and Prince Phillip is opened in only certain summer periods for the public. At this time you may visit and admire priceless art and amazing interiors throughout all State Rooms of this building. Of course this comes with a certain price but for great art lovers this will be a really small price comparing to experienced feelings while passing through this masterpiece building. This palace was built during the 1700s and finished with Baroque architectural style during 1800s. Baroque style is much observed on grand entrance, stairs, balconies and façade. Interior is made as a great mix of rococo, baroque and some finishing style of 19th century.

The State Rooms

There are main 19 State Rooms and 78 bathrooms as leading part of all 775 rooms throughout this building.  State Rooms are one that is included in tourist tours over the summer and here you may enjoy sumptuous carpets, sparkling candelabra, some fine furniture, marble columns and other amazing works of art. These luxurious rooms are decorated so Monarch could receive and entertain her subjects with the highest level possible.

Grand Staircase

As one of the highlights included in tours, this magnificent bronze art piece leaves everybody breathless. With an intricate pattern of acanthus, oak and laurel leave carved in double balustrade features it represents one of the finest bronze casting work in the world.

Throne Room

As one of the favorites of the visitors contains the thrones and ceremonial receptions for usual Queen’s Jubilees and is leading to the Palace’s largest multi-purpose room, the Ballroom for some great events like famous Royal weddings.

Garden Shop

As finishing amazing Tour through Buckingham palace guest may rest in the quiet garden café situated on the West Terrace of Buckingham palace with wide range of refreshment option. Beside refreshment guests may buy some exclusive souvenirs exclusively created and inspired by art in the Royal Collection.

Fine art

All the way the Tour there is no step without experience of some amazing paintings created by some greatest artist like Rembrandt, Claude, Van Dyck, Rubens and many others. Most of them are in the State Rooms beside some wonderful portraits of present and past Royal members. There are also other spectacular collections throughout the Palace such as Sevres Porcelain.As a great presentation of baroque, Rococo, 19th century and some minor decors of modern age this amazing building still proudly stands today for all others future generations to see.