This year 2015, it is really good news for all archeological fans and beginners out there. We all know that each and every year, the museums all round the world will be hosting travel and temporary exhibitions which is really cool. They only features special exhibitions that often provide locals with an opportunity to see these special artefacts and related objects that they would never expect to exist in the first place.

Now, let me take you to the top exhibitions that I have encountered during my travels in different parts of the world:

  1. Ancient Greece

There is a lot of news in the Ancient Greece during 2014 and most of it is notable for the excavation o the Tomb of Amphipolis. During this discovery, they have opened up slightest interest in the world of archeology and unlocking the ancient history that was gripped by the possibility that was in the presence of the Tomb of Alexander the Great. So it seems appropriate to have a major exhibition on the Ancient Greeks touring North America. This would be on top of my traveling list probably this year or the next one for sure.

  1. The Ruins of Carthage

If you are really into the 9th century BC artefacts, then you probably would have love the presence of the Carthage that was discovered or founded by the Phoenicians and later on was destroyed by the Romans in 146 BC. They say that the ruins of Carthage were discovered in the early nineteenth century and are one of the greatest artefacts ever discovered in the European collections. Now, it has been joined by number of objects from various museums in Tunisia and it is also the first time many of these have been on display on the outside of Tunisia. The Carthage exhibition tells the eventful history of this fascinating ancient city, beginning with the founding of the ancient city, followed by its subsequent annihilation and reconstruction by the Romans.

  1. The Aztecs

Who doesn’t love the great Aztecs history? They once lived in what is now called central Mexico from the 14th to 16th centuries and the best part of them is their vast and powerful empire which is much dominated by the Mesoamerica until the arrival of the Spanish in 1519. The Aztecs have spectacular artefacts and ruins that tell us great stories about their great civilization as you can see in most museums around the World.

  1. The Battle of Wittstock

Have you heard about the 1636 battle? It was called the Battle of Wittstock and it is one of a series of battles in great Europe’s Thirty Years War. Aside from that, it is one of the most destructive, disturbing and longest wars in European history that raged between the year 1618 to 1648. The story behind this war, it all started out as a war between the Protestants and Catholics but developed to a broader political conflict for dominance in Europe that lasted for several years and is one of the longest war ever recorded in history.

  1. The Berthouville Treasure

Now let me take you to the ancient luxury and Roman Silver Treasure from Berthouville. They say that the treasure is a rare collection of 93 Roman objects unearthed in year 1830 by a farmer in Normandy, France and is one of the greatest collections ever discovered. They are composed of decorated bowls, cups, jugs and many more. For me, they are more than treasures. They are priceless possessions anyone could ever have.

Do you like these rare archaeological discoveries? Well, if you like them, you can find out more about it and see different artefacts here so stick with us and see you all soon in our next topic.


Every year, as an archeologist and a historian, I always love to meet, see and learn new museums to visit and have new reasons to visit them most especially if they are located in the popular tourist destinations, which would be a great pleasure to do. Have you ever visited a newly opened museum before in your life? Well perhaps this year you should probably get out of your house and start planning to where you will start to go because this year is a great turnout for newly founded museums that every artifact lovers would definitely love the most.


Aside from the fact that you will learn and discover new things, you can definitely bring the whole family with you as a bonding moment. So, without further ado, I present to you the top new museums that you should visit this year:

(FRANCE) Montée du Razal – La Caverne du Pont-d’Arc

Just last April 25, 2015, this big project of some of the noted archeologists and historians have been planning long time in the making has finally been set for their first visitors. They have opened their doors for tourists and local residents to visit the place and discover new things. Tours will take visitors through the replica of the cave, exploring the prehistoric imagery and the geological features of the cave. Audio guides (in French and ten other languages) are also included in the entry fee for all types of people that would love to visit the place. You can also visit their website for more information and details about this classy museum. I would love to visit this place too this year.

(ENGLAND) Newark – National Civil War Centre

This would be a great addition to your travel itinerary. You can see it perfectly in the heart of Newark which is the Old Magnus Building. It was once a Tudor grammar school and they have elevated the place and turned this remarkable building into a beautiful museum. It has undergone extensive restoration to house the £5.4 million centre that tells the complete history of the 17th century clash between Crown and Parliament – the deadliest war in British history. This is the first attraction in the United Kingdom dedicated to the British Civil Wars. As British history fan, I would definitely visit this place to expand my knowledge in archeological facts.

(EGYPT) Cairo – Grand Egyptian Museum

For those of you who love to travel too far away to see enchanting features and learn more about artefacts, you can try visiting Egypt this year. The Grand Egyptian Museum can attract 500 visitors a day which is large enough for a newly opened museum. The present Egyptian Museum on Tahrir Square in Cairo was inaugurated in 1902. The Egyptian government set aside a piece of land near the Pyramids in Giza on which to build a state of the art museum to tell the story of one of the World’s most popular archaeological heritage. Now we all know that Egypt has so many hidden archeological features and artefacts that we would love to see, right? This is one of the perfect places to visit this year. Today, anywhere between five and seven thousand people visit the museum each day.

As of this moment, I am out of words with these amazing museums. They tell different types of stories that different types of people would love to see and discover. I, myself, would really love to explore the British museum first and then head straight to Egypt for a new adventure. I will see you all soon and hopefully you’ll visit these places this year.





Have you ever heard about the English Heritage? According to my experience and discoveries, one of the most popular attractions in England are under the management of the English Heritage and from these range includes the prehistoric stone circles in which we all know is called the “Great Stonehenge” because it is so popular in the eyes of their visitors and to archeology beginners all over the world.

To much more recent historical sites, they have also included the Charles Darwin’s house and also the Cold War Bunkers in which it is part of the over 400 properties in England and under the wings of the great English Heritage.

For those of you who want to join this prestigious organisation, you can actually visit their site to learn more information. According to them, members of the organisation are given free access to all of these historical sites. Yes, you’ve read it right. They have that power to visit any popular archeological places in England once they are a member of the England Heritage.

They also emphasises that membership are great for families, a must for travelers and tourists, and in fact it is a perfect experience for anyone who wants to enjoy visiting archeological and historic sites and care about the incentives to protect these places until the next generation.

Now, what is English Heritage anyway? Well, let me tell you this. English Heritage or as what they officially call it the Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England, is widely known as that entity that oversees the care for England’s greatest national collection of historical sites and monuments all over the country. Caring for the nation’s archaeological and historic heritage is only a part of what they do. Aside from the fact that they care for the national sites in England, they also have other activities including education, commissioning research for archeological facts, advising all sorts of people and bodies on the England’s heritage and many more. To supplement the legal income it receives English Heritage, aside from other fundraising activities, they also charges people to visit many of the sites under its protection for the sake of the sites.

Well, for me, it is not surprising that they charges people when they visit the sites because it is the more popular attractions in England that people would love to visit that they charge an entry fee for it. They have sites too that has free entry like the archeology traveler’s choice which is the Iron Age hill-fort of Maiden Castle. Fortunately, the good people at English Heritage have come up with a membership scheme. And one that takes caters for different types of members: adults, seniors and students.

The real question, is it worth joining the English Heritage membership?

It is one of the most random questions that most people, particularly tourists around the world would come up in their mind in the first place. For me, I would say they have valued the money well if this is true to them. They have used it correctly for the past years in my own opinion and this is certainly a good aspect to preserve the popular sites of the place. Aside from that, if you really want to join it, it is really simple and you don’t have to worry about anything personal because they are legal community in the entire England. For you, what do you think about it? Share your opinions with us and let’s discuss this on the next topic.


United Kingdom’s archeology facts and intriguing issues are one of the best features of the country that even I find it really interesting and fascinated to dig more information about it. Have you read about some archaeological facts regarding the UK?


Some of the archaeological facts like  Current Archaeology which best describes the United Kingdom’s best selling archaeological information in a magazine caught my attention lately and it became one of my best source of information when it comes to knowing what archaeology is all about.

It really amazes me on how they focus on certain events such as pre-historic war events and so on. The last time I’ve checked, they have this Current Archaeology Live which is an annual conference that summaries the year’s significant events, finds and developments in the world of archaeology. The exciting about this event is that the conference features lectures on previous and upcoming stories also done by the Current Archaeology which is also submitted by prestigious academics and contributors in the world of archaeology.

Now, how much do you really know about archaeology? As a start, the first I know about it is that it is a study about ancient and recent human past through material remains such as bones, stored materials and many more. I also learned that it is a subfield of anthropology which is a study of all human culture. They quite come together as a team when it comes to studying human nature in the past generation.

I have also read the first excavations that archaeologists have done in their previous reports. Their first sites to undergo archaeological excavation were the great Stonehenge and other amazing monuments in England which really amazes me as an avid archaeology fan.

Now, enough with the archaeological facts and information and let me take you to the things I have learned during the time I have started studying archaeology here in United Kingdom. Nothing beats the excitement of hands-on archaeology let me tell you that. And with the new digging season almost upon us in the whole United Kingdom, there is no time to lose. When you are hooked up with something so interesting, you’ll never want to stop, right? That’s what I love about archaeology in UK.

If you really are interested in knowing what archaeology and its wonders, you better start right away so that you can have best travelling experience booked ahead. So, if you are really passionate about learning and expanding your knowledge about Prehistory, interested in the Iron Age, fascinated about the Romans and their way of ruling, or looking for a new angle on the Saxons, get out there and into the fresh air. Discover what best suits you in the world of archaeology. In your complete guide to archaeological excavations around the United Kingdom, there is nothing that would stop you from making it to the archaeological facts. Look for better inspiration now and then try it before it is too late. I tell you it would be wonderful and mind-blowing, just like my first experience. See you all soon on the next trip!

Janet McBride