Dig Duary – interior designer expert

Work foundations

With holding outnumbering degrees, awards and honors in his working area Dig is not just an expert in interior design but also a great author and educator. Most important fact in his work is involving his clients into the whole process of designing creation. He works all the time on a fact that most important is the client’s need and idea which only has to get proper direction and wrapping.

Style plus experience

With his bright, elegant and simple style which is supplemented with lot of travel experience, he manages to produce timeless results. Authentic and global furnishing pieces with artifacts give a great sense of charisma and uniqueness. Traveling also gave him a great sense of taking care of our environment which is concerned in every step of his every project.

Photography lover

As a great photographer with “catchy eye” he also managed to combine his foundational work with his love to photography creating most beautiful home decors and designs. Dig is always on the search for the new ways to inspire the world of design. By combining the photographs as wall papers with unique pieces from all over the world he really does his job in most unique way.

Educator and author

With a great wish to share his passion about ways of designing our environment and connecting ourselves with the rest of the world, Dig has taught and hold many seminars and courses throughout his life career. He mostly focused on topics of design which include his photographs, decorative pieces, accessories, past and present decorative styles with business practices that lead only to success. He wants to show how his success was built on the ability to combine some unthinkably combining styles and concepts with respecting the history, culture and art of different parts of the world.


Dig’s work is featured throughout many highly prestigious residences, galleries, five-star hotels, sport events and even some royalty projects. Numerous collections in decorative wallpapers, furniture pieces and lighting pieces with rugs are just some of his amazing collections recognizable in every part of the world. His portfolio is just getting bigger from day to day fostering Dig’s global development of simplicity driven principles. Great sense for organizational function combined with a unique visual talent for texture and color resulted with outnumbering features starting from private homes, over luxury building complexes to amazing commercial design.