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How To Get A Good Paint And Color For Your House?

Paint And Color For Your House

Painting is a great way to refresh your home and give it more value if you plan to sell it. Still, you need to choose the appropriate color for your rooms and some of the interesting facts about inks and colors might direct you in the right way so it is not a bad option to read a bit more about these before you start with the job. In order to choose the right colors, we will explain some basic facts that you must consider when choosing the colors.

What paint to pick?

The very first thing is to decide whether you want latex or oil-based paint. The first one is usually used as it enables you easy cleanup and it lasts very long. In addition, it will not fade that easy as some other types do. Use this color for most of the house, especially the larger rooms. The latex paint dries quickly and it is generally used for wall painting.


What paint to pick?

On the other hand, oil-based paints are much better choice for wood moldings and knots that are made of wood. Have in mind that these do need more time to dry properly due to the chemical structure so have in mind this before you start painting. Though oil-based paints offer more glassy-like appearance, it is not made exactly for wall painting.

However, if you plan to use latex paints for walls, you can use the combination of oil-based shellac primer as the first layer and then add the latex paint as the top layer. This ensures the good protection, shining, durability and appearance of your wall. Though it is a bit expensive investment, this is the best way to paint your walls in your house.

What color should you pick?

In case you consider selling your house, paint in the plain white color so the buyer could do the modifications. This leaves much space to the buyer to decorate it, and makes the life less complicated to you. On the other hand, if you are painting for yourself, use the advantage of the local paint store through the palette color so you could find the most suitable color combinations. Talk to an expert about combining the colors so you could get some third color you like.

The color wheel is something you must try out before you decide the final color. Generally, blue, green and purple colors make room bigger than it is while red, yellow and orange ensure a good vibration and positive energy inside.

Try out different variations so you could achieve warmer or colder vibrant of your house. Also, shaded colors will definitely make a difference and will break the monotony of the usual color that can be seen everywhere. Still, in order to get the best color for your house/flat, it is recommended to hire an expert that will present you several solutions so you could pick the best and the most appropriate one.