Have you ever heard about the English Heritage? According to my experience and discoveries, one of the most popular attractions in England are under the management of the English Heritage and from these range includes the prehistoric stone circles in which we all know is called the “Great Stonehenge” because it is so popular in the eyes of their visitors and to archeology beginners all over the world.

To much more recent historical sites, they have also included the Charles Darwin’s house and also the Cold War Bunkers in which it is part of the over 400 properties in England and under the wings of the great English Heritage.

For those of you who want to join this prestigious organisation, you can actually visit their site to learn more information. According to them, members of the organisation are given free access to all of these historical sites. Yes, you’ve read it right. They have that power to visit any popular archeological places in England once they are a member of the England Heritage.

They also emphasises that membership are great for families, a must for travelers and tourists, and in fact it is a perfect experience for anyone who wants to enjoy visiting archeological and historic sites and care about the incentives to protect these places until the next generation.

Now, what is English Heritage anyway? Well, let me tell you this. English Heritage or as what they officially call it the Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England, is widely known as that entity that oversees the care for England’s greatest national collection of historical sites and monuments all over the country. Caring for the nation’s archaeological and historic heritage is only a part of what they do. Aside from the fact that they care for the national sites in England, they also have other activities including education, commissioning research for archeological facts, advising all sorts of people and bodies on the England’s heritage and many more. To supplement the legal income it receives English Heritage, aside from other fundraising activities, they also charges people to visit many of the sites under its protection for the sake of the sites.

Well, for me, it is not surprising that they charges people when they visit the sites because it is the more popular attractions in England that people would love to visit that they charge an entry fee for it. They have sites too that has free entry like the archeology traveler’s choice which is the Iron Age hill-fort of Maiden Castle. Fortunately, the good people at English Heritage have come up with a membership scheme. And one that takes caters for different types of members: adults, seniors and students.

The real question, is it worth joining the English Heritage membership?

It is one of the most random questions that most people, particularly tourists around the world would come up in their mind in the first place. For me, I would say they have valued the money well if this is true to them. They have used it correctly for the past years in my own opinion and this is certainly a good aspect to preserve the popular sites of the place. Aside from that, if you really want to join it, it is really simple and you don’t have to worry about anything personal because they are legal community in the entire England. For you, what do you think about it? Share your opinions with us and let’s discuss this on the next topic.

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