How To Remodel Your Bathroom And Make It Look Cool?

How To Remodel Your Bathroom And Make It Look Cool?

Bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our house and always tends to make it comfort and design-friendly at the same time. Using the right top down blinds for remodel purposes and placing the right tub can be a bit tough if you do not know some basic directions and tips. For that reason, we crafted this article just for you!

Feel free to follow our guidelines for the best bathroom design! Also, feel free to suggest any idea you have!

Pick the right layout first

Before you do anything, make sure you choose the right layout of the bathroom. Choose whether you want it to blend with the rest of the house, or to be completely different yet similar so the different designs match. If you want it completely different, then change even the doorknobs to make it unique.

Classic Bathroom In Apartment

White Classic Bathroom In Home

Make sure to use your bathroom space in a smart way. If you have another bathroom, you might omit the toilet in it to get more space for additional storage or extra cabinets. It is all about making it comfortable and spacious enough, while you are using the space effectively.

Choose the wet room if you have space

If you do not need a tub or you have it in the second bathroom, you might want to use the advantage of the cabin shower and “wet room”. The wet room is a concept of a bathroom where you have a shower with the drainage that is one the floor. In this case, you need to choose the effective floor design to make the room cool.

Just bear in mind that the wet room concept required waterproof materials that are not prone to mold as the level of moisture will be high.

Place storage space efficiently

Beautiful Bathroom

Clean Bathroom In Modern Home

When you place cabinets and storages, make sure to use the space effectively. Use a hanging cabinet so you can store linens, towels, toiletries or anything else. If you prefer keeping the medicine in the bathroom, make sure to place these in the cabinet that is resistant to moisture, otherwise the drugs will become less effective and you will have to throw them away. Remember, the cabinet should have the paint that is in contrast with the floor to make it more appealing and nice. Try not to mix too many different shades and colors.

Install window treatments

The window treatments are a great way to add privacy but also to control the amount of light that goes into the room through the windows. There are blinds and shades when it comes to window treatments.

However, the blinds are not that great for bathrooms since these use fabric materials that are not that good for moisture. Make sure to add the blinds on your windows. The blinds are resistant to moisture and will add more privacy to your bathroom. Also, you can block the light if you want to by tilting the slats and adjusting these in the wanted position.

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