How To Make Your Kitchen Spotless Clean?

How To Make Your Kitchen Spotless Clean?

Messy cabinets, an oven that smokes whenever you bake something, or a dusty refrigerator top isn’t quite appealing, especially when you are trying to keep your kitchen tidy and clean. On the other hand, to revive this room’s importance, you need to dedicate some time and use appropriate cleaning tools to make this process as painless and possible.

Additionally, don’t neglect the importance of the right mood because it’s essential for a productive cleaning session, so listen to music or play some audiobook, and the time will pass more quickly.On the other hand, if you want to learn other clean techniques, click here to read about cushion cleaning.


Trying to sort your cabinets to find an oven cleaner might make you frustrated enough to start decluttering the cabinets first. Therefore, gather all necessities you need before you even begin cleaning a kitchen.

Housewife in Rubber Protective cleaning and polish electric cooker.

How To Clean A Stove

In this case, you will need a dust mop, cleaning cloths, stepladder, small bucket with a handle, sponge, vacuum, various cleaning solutions, and an oven cleaner. Remove all clutter and dirty dishes because this will give you enough room to do some intense cleaning.

Pay attention to walls

Begin with the ceiling while using a dust mop to reach all corners of the walls. If you don’t have tiles in the kitchen, then you will probably have to wash some dirty spots on the walls. When you are spot washing, don’t forget doorknobs, air vents, switch plates, and doors.

You’ll need to wash walls in this room more often than not because the cooking process affects everything around you. For instance, you probably haven’t noticed all that grease, or blender sloshed goop all over the walls.

Dust photos and art

Be careful when you are cleaning framed photos and art. Never apply the solution directly onto the frame because the liquid can seep behind the glass and damage your artwork. Instead, use a damp cloth to remove dust carefully, without damaging your photos.

Woman Cleaning Dishwasher

Cleaning Dishwasher With Safe Cleaning Products

Once you are on a mission to clean your kitchen, don’t forget about the ceiling fan. In this case, you might have to gently remove all light fixtures, while using a mild cleaning solution to remove the dust.

Wash blinds, curtains, and drapes

Takedown blinds, curtains, and drapes to have them washed or cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure to dust and vacuum corners and windowsills, along with everything surrounding your windows.

Clean refrigeration and oven

Last but not least, come the oven and refrigerator. This is probably the most challenging work to do. First of all, apply an oven cleaner and leave the windows open to avoid the cleaner’s chemical smell.

It will take you about an hour for the cleaner to start working. Also, don’t forget to vacuum the coils, once you unplug the refrigerator. This is an excellent opportunity to mop and sweep underneath it, as well, if you could find someone to help you move it, since it’s quite heavy.

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