Every year, as an archeologist and a historian, I always love to meet, see and learn new museums to visit and have new reasons to visit them most especially if they are located in the popular tourist destinations, which would be a great pleasure to do. Have you ever visited a newly opened museum before in your life? Well perhaps this year you should probably get out of your house and start planning to where you will start to go because this year is a great turnout for newly founded museums that every artifact lovers would definitely love the most.


Aside from the fact that you will learn and discover new things, you can definitely bring the whole family with you as a bonding moment. So, without further ado, I present to you the top new museums that you should visit this year:

(FRANCE) Montée du Razal – La Caverne du Pont-d’Arc

Just last April 25, 2015, this big project of some of the noted archeologists and historians have been planning long time in the making has finally been set for their first visitors. They have opened their doors for tourists and local residents to visit the place and discover new things. Tours will take visitors through the replica of the cave, exploring the prehistoric imagery and the geological features of the cave. Audio guides (in French and ten other languages) are also included in the entry fee for all types of people that would love to visit the place. You can also visit their website for more information and details about this classy museum. I would love to visit this place too this year.

(ENGLAND) Newark – National Civil War Centre

This would be a great addition to your travel itinerary. You can see it perfectly in the heart of Newark which is the Old Magnus Building. It was once a Tudor grammar school and they have elevated the place and turned this remarkable building into a beautiful museum. It has undergone extensive restoration to house the £5.4 million centre that tells the complete history of the 17th century clash between Crown and Parliament – the deadliest war in British history. This is the first attraction in the United Kingdom dedicated to the British Civil Wars. As British history fan, I would definitely visit this place to expand my knowledge in archeological facts.

(EGYPT) Cairo – Grand Egyptian Museum

For those of you who love to travel too far away to see enchanting features and learn more about artefacts, you can try visiting Egypt this year. The Grand Egyptian Museum can attract 500 visitors a day which is large enough for a newly opened museum. The present Egyptian Museum on Tahrir Square in Cairo was inaugurated in 1902. The Egyptian government set aside a piece of land near the Pyramids in Giza on which to build a state of the art museum to tell the story of one of the World’s most popular archaeological heritage. Now we all know that Egypt has so many hidden archeological features and artefacts that we would love to see, right? This is one of the perfect places to visit this year. Today, anywhere between five and seven thousand people visit the museum each day.

As of this moment, I am out of words with these amazing museums. They tell different types of stories that different types of people would love to see and discover. I, myself, would really love to explore the British museum first and then head straight to Egypt for a new adventure. I will see you all soon and hopefully you’ll visit these places this year.


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