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Steps for Converting a Loft

attic conversion

An attic can convert from a simple storage space into a functional and usable room, even if the ceilings are quite inclined. Commonly, attics are converted into bedrooms or special rooms. The amount of work needed for this renovation will largely depend on how finished the attic space is already. We would highly recommend hiring a professional builder for a job like this because of how complex it is. You can see an example here – Loft Conversions in Fulham, SW6 – Full Design & 10 Year Warranty!. However, if you do decide to try and DIY then follow the steps below.

Loft Conversion Instructions

  • Run electrical outlets in the attic. This must be done before the walls close. Unless you have previous experience with wiring, call an electrician and get the job done.
  • Add ducts and vents for heating and cooling the room. Get in touch with a heating and cooling company to do the work for you unless you have experience in this type of work,
  • Cut the fiberglass insulation rolls to place the spaces between the wall and the ceiling beams and staples on the posts. Wear gloves, mask and goggles when working with fiberglass insulation.
  • Measure the size of the walls and ceiling. You will need the exact size for the walls and ceilings to get enough plaster for the job. Most drywall sheets come in sheets of 4 by 8 feet. After receiving your measurements, calculate how many sheets of drywall you need. For example, if a wall is 8 feet wide and 9 feet high, you would need 3 sheets of drywall for that wall.
  • Create a base if the attic has only joists floor by screwing sheets of laminated wood to the joists. Use a circular saw to cut the plywood panels to fit.
  • Hang the plaster by screwing the wall studs and roof rafters. A friend is needed to help you keep the leaves in place since each weighs more than 40 pounds. If the plaster is fastened correctly, the screws should only nick the surface of the paper on the wall.
  • Apply a thin layer of mud over each joint with a dry masonry trowel. Place the drywall tape over the mud and press on. Allow the mud time to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply a second layer of mud on the tape. Once it is dry, all sand.
  • Stations the drywall and let the primer coat dry, then paint the drywall, using a water-based latex paint.
  • Install a carpet pad, then stretch and carpet tack into place, or put quilted laminate and install the laminate over the padding.

That is it! If you’ve read this far then congrats, you are well on your way to having the necessary knowledge to convert your attic into a nice minimalist designed loft.

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Aviation Décor For Your home

Today with an important role

Bringing some old aircraft parts into unique furniture parts and decorative items for every style sounds pretty different but great in the same time. You wouldn’t believe but there are even specialized shops and teams which make pretty magical stuff from aircraft parts for almost every type of property. You may see today these details in different restaurants, bars, hotels and even some important event organizations. These products are designed to the highest standards and come with the high level of durability, functionality, and authenticity.

Their use is coming in wide range, starting from being accessory to some bigger furniture parts that complete many exterior and interior locations. For example, you may find some aircraft wing flaps in the form of different tables and office desks renovated aircraft service trolleys, or some upgraded aircraft seats making great ambient with proper desk lamps created from genuine aircraft parts. Locations are various and you may find this type of décor in waiting rooms, cinemas, offices, game rooms or even boats.Here are some of the simple but very interesting aircraft parts that found their role how in housekeeping also in some working surroundings:

Cross coffee table

As furniture part that is found in every housekeeping one made from a set of legs of an economy class aircraft seat just can’t be ignored. It is engineered to last literally forever thanks to the aircraft grade aluminum. Size is various and it can be customized to any requiring. Simple design with high-quality wooden board makes it beautiful giving it a little natural touch. There are other various coffee tables made from another different part of an airplane like wing slats, window sections, and even airplane doors.

Aircraft accessories for your home

With a unique combination of electrical and mechanical aircraft parts there comes a unique but straightforward desk lamp which will for sure get attention from anybody seeing it in your home while it makes perfect lighting atmosphere. There are some custom brand new trolleys for any style and taste that can be used for clothes, books, filing cabinet or a drink and food distribution you could come across on some public event.

Aero chairs

Became very popular as being very comfortable and nice looking at the same time while giving that different touch to any office or private home study space. Retractable armrests, adjustable chair height in combination with chrome plated wheelie with a spring back tilt action, all based on an economy class aircraft passenger seat, makes a perfect fly in the comfort of your living or working area.



Dig Duary – Interior Designer Expert

Work foundations

With holding outnumbering degrees, awards and honors in his working area Dig is not just an expert in interior design but also a great author and educator. Most important fact in his work is involving his clients into the whole process of designing creation. He works all the time on a fact that most important is the client’s need and idea which only has to get proper direction and wrapping.

Style plus experience

With his bright, elegant and simple style which is supplemented with lot of travel experience, he manages to produce timeless results. Authentic and global furnishing pieces with artifacts give a great sense of charisma and uniqueness. Traveling also gave him a great sense of taking care of our environment which is concerned in every step of his every project.

Photography lover

As a great photographer with “catchy eye” he also managed to combine his foundational work with his love to photography creating most beautiful home decors and designs. Dig is always on the search for the new ways to inspire the world of design. By combining the photographs as wall papers with unique pieces from all over the world he really does his job in most unique way.

Educator and author

With a great wish to share his passion about ways of designing our environment and connecting ourselves with the rest of the world, Dig has taught and hold many seminars and courses throughout his life career. He mostly focused on topics of design which include his photographs, decorative pieces, accessories, past and present decorative styles with business practices that lead only to success. He wants to show how his success was built on the ability to combine some unthinkably combining styles and concepts with respecting the history, culture and art of different parts of the world.


Dig’s work is featured throughout many highly prestigious residences, galleries, five-star hotels, sport events and even some royalty projects. Numerous collections in decorative wallpapers, furniture pieces and lighting pieces with rugs are just some of his amazing collections recognizable in every part of the world. His portfolio is just getting bigger from day to day fostering Dig’s global development of simplicity driven principles. Great sense for organizational function combined with a unique visual talent for texture and color resulted with outnumbering features starting from private homes, over luxury building complexes to amazing commercial design.



Home Improvement And Interior Design Tips And Tricks

About us

Our mission was always to build a reputation based on integrity, quality and best customer care which will get us above every competition. Providing a complete service when it comes to home improvement and interior design by some specially picked and highly skilled workforce we always bring total satisfaction to our customers. Great achievements and results we made throughout the history of our company plus outnumbering licenses, registrations, certifications and memberships tell a lot about our work, not mentioning client’s reviews.

Having a long-term experience within our work we want to share some of the trick and tips we learned while solving some greatest challenges regarding interior design and home improvement works. With some minimal costs and effort, you can do some small things with significant impact on your property.

Light colors make rooms larger

Some large windows and bright colors walls which may include mirrors as a high detail will provide a grand optical illusion of your future space. Not only you will get a feeling of u much larger room but these bright sensations will make great positive and tranquil effect on anybody stepping in this space. Decorative mirrors will not only provide some artistic touch to the space but also will add instant light if being placed directly across from the windows.

Texture, pattern and time mix

It is all about your style, your personality and who you are in the whole story of your property. Some old and antique pieces of your family members tell you story while reflecting you also. This doesn’t limit a possibility to buy some modern couch which tells your present and makes a perfect match to these past antiques. This also can be done with various colors, patterns and pieces of furniture and other decorative pieces.

Green touch

As for modern and minimalistic or old-fashioned approach, plants always make a great detail. And not only you will get some beautiful colors and textures from this guys but they also will balance the space humidity and clean air in your home. With powers of removing harmful gases by absorbing pollutants, everybody should be aware of their beauty and the importance of having them in their homes.It is important to remember that we spend the second largest time of our lives in our homes so all the improvement and changes have to be based on our happy and relaxing feelings in order to create a place with such effect on us and others.

Usual Problems When Renovating An Old House

These usual present costly challenges with not much charm but the attractive thing about old homes is their character no modern building can provide today. So for the lovers of these characters here are some basic issues that usually appear while renovating these old charmers.

Unsafe materials

Lead in paint and tracks of asbestos in ductwork, flooring, roofing and HVAC system will wait for you with a good chance in some old housekeeping. This is not so harmful but it requires real safety measurements while doing some work like cutting or scraping on this materials. Actually, the dust that is made while doing the work presents serious hazard for anybody. It is the best to hire a professional which will detect and decrease these materials if found in any construction.

No longer available materials

Throughout the history of building constructions of different materials, standards and codes are used. For example, doors were narrower or rooms and bathrooms smaller than today. The tricky part also here is to find materials today that will match the rest of your house while making the renovations. For example, if you find yourself in need for some thin oak flooring or solid wood panel doors you will not find a solution in today’s standard stores and shop centers, you should search for some reuse centers or architectural salvage stores. Also one not so convenient side of finding solutions that will respect the old style of your house is you will have to pay more while doing this restoration work.

Outdated electrical and plumbing

This is the most common problem when buying and renovating an old property. It is actually about galvanized pipes used in history that easily corrode and clog over time. This is usually solved and replaced with copper or PVC pipes. Regarding old electrical wiring most problem is it presents a safety hazard and it is always the best solution to hire professional that will upgrade your future electrical panel. This upgrade should be done according to your lifestyle and needs in order to support some new appliances of today like computers, entertainments systems or some new electrical kitchen aid.


Useful Roofing Improvement Ideas

When it comes about roofing works it would be wise always to consider safety first. Temporary fixing always finds the ideal way to make some more serious damage to your property. It is much better to do it right, take your time, be patient and put some effort for a long-term solution. Today there are many roof remodeling ideas worth of the investment and here are some of them.

“Cool roof” shingles

This presents one beautiful and eco-friendly investment with great potential for reducing your monthly bills. Today color choices are various and design so good they present one of the best roof remodeling ideas. The essential thing about this is they deflect heat as they are painted with paint which highly reflects the sun’s light. The result is a much more comfortable home which saves a lot more energy.

Roof-centric storm preparation

The main thing that is protecting your property is the roof. Forgoing the expense, disruption and damage while keeping your roof in good condition always presents a good idea. Every year there are more serious weather conditionings appearing and in that order it is very smart to think about new roof replacement or thorough renovation. Options for latest products never looked better and more efficient while the can match almost any style of each home property.

Synthetic underlayment

For any amateur this materials usually never cross their mind while they present great importance for any roof. Throughout the history there was only felt underlayment as an option but fortunately today there are polyurethane alternatives which are not only much stronger and resistible, but they make your roof significantly more lasting. They also give the more polished appearance and aesthetic effect because they are much thinner.

Gutter upgrade

If you want efficient protection from all over water pouring during strong thunderstorms than it is necessary to invest and upgrade your gutter systems. Too much water around the house finds its way to your basement and crawlspaces and starts caving in in very short time. Gutters are not only best solution for this but also there were never more beautiful forms like today. Gutter systems today are even able to reduce your bills by lowering water usage beside giving aesthetic touch to your property.