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How To Plan Interior Renovations


Going about interior renovations is a project that you need to carefully consider before undertaking it. Whether you are into interior design or home improvement, experiences at DIY projects or not, you will still need a lot of carefully considered planning in order to be able to bring this to an end. It is important to make sure that the interior renovation project will bring more value to your home, and considering all aspects and all resources that you will be putting into it, is what you should really take into consideration. This is why if you want to learn more about interior renovations you can also go to an amazing website where you will be able to gather the right info.

Which Interior Renovation Should Be Top Priority


The first thing that you need to take into consideration is the planning of the renovations. Make sure that you start from the place in your home that needs more attention. For some it could be as simple as changing just a few details, it will very much depend on the state of your home in general. In order to make sure that you are investing in the right thing, make sure that you carefully consider which changes would be of the functional nature and which will be of the cosmetic nature. Even if interior design often includes cosmetic changes only, it is important that you first think of the functionality and then of the cosmetic changes. Because if you are already investing, it would be better to invest in something that will be both beautiful and functional.

How To Fund Renovations

Taking time is a lot easier that planning how you will fund it. After all, you should carefully consider all your resources before you choose to take up such a project. It can be fun to plan a project, but working on a project is often demanding and it will drain not just your pocket, but your time and energy as well. Still, make sure that you carefully consider all this before you start. Also, set up a budget that you will rely on in case your interior design project turn out to cost a bit more. Being prepared is essential because you will be able to rely on yourself and the funds that you have gathered. If you have limited funds make sure that you do not exceed your budget. Exceeding your budget will make you stop in the middle of a project and you will only be frustrated with the fact that you cannot finish it and that you will have to save up before starting again.

When Things Go Wrong

There are many things that can turn for the wrong side when planning and working on such a project, so be prepared for temptations in every sense. If you see that you are struggling with coming up with a closure do not be too proud to ask for professional help.

Best Interior Design Secrets

Everybody needs a little help from time to time with their home changes. How our lives change so does the environment we feel comfortable in. Some simple changes can already do a great impact but this doesn’t mean you should do the big ones if you feel like it. There are, in fact, some very simple interior design secrets that will not only give you a lot more comfort but also efficiently reflect your personality and lifestyle.

Break all the rules

Everybody knows about that old one that rules are meant to be broken. Most important fact, above every rule, is that you reflect your style and personality first. Respecting the rules in order to achieve balance is maybe the best option to get best results.

Color details

It is not all about wall color. Sometimes small details like accessories such as pillows, rugs, blankets or paintings in various colors can give that tickling feeling when you enter the room. Color is one of the basic elements that affect our mood and gives proper energy and feeling to any space. So don’t be afraid to use the colors, start with details and who knows you may end up with 4 different painted walls in single room.

Have fun

You are not committed to anything when it comes to doing some new changes about your environment. If you are not so sure about it start with small things. One piece of furniture or some home item can already make the huge part of room personality especially when it is fun and colorful. Just go and try something new while having fun with it. Of course it is allowed to use neutral colors if there is a need for serious and not too much distracting space, for example doing work projects.

Lighting effect

People are not nocturnal beings so the light really does a huge effect on our behavior. This is also one of the most important details when it comes to interior design. Just right kind of lighting in the right space will add a significant amount of warmth and glow to your specific space.

Steps for Converting a Loft

attic conversion

An attic can convert from a simple storage space into a functional and usable room, even if the ceilings are quite inclined. Commonly, attics are converted into bedrooms or special rooms. The amount of work needed for this renovation will largely depend on how finished the attic space is already. We would highly recommend hiring a professional builder for a job like this because of how complex it is. You can see an example here – Loft Conversions in Fulham, SW6 – Full Design & 10 Year Warranty!. However, if you do decide to try and DIY then follow the steps below.

Loft Conversion Instructions

  • Run electrical outlets in the attic. This must be done before the walls close. Unless you have previous experience with wiring, call an electrician and get the job done.
  • Add ducts and vents for heating and cooling the room. Get in touch with a heating and cooling company to do the work for you unless you have experience in this type of work,
  • Cut the fiberglass insulation rolls to place the spaces between the wall and the ceiling beams and staples on the posts. Wear gloves, mask and goggles when working with fiberglass insulation.
  • Measure the size of the walls and ceiling. You will need the exact size for the walls and ceilings to get enough plaster for the job. Most drywall sheets come in sheets of 4 by 8 feet. After receiving your measurements, calculate how many sheets of drywall you need. For example, if a wall is 8 feet wide and 9 feet high, you would need 3 sheets of drywall for that wall.
  • Create a base if the attic has only joists floor by screwing sheets of laminated wood to the joists. Use a circular saw to cut the plywood panels to fit.
  • Hang the plaster by screwing the wall studs and roof rafters. A friend is needed to help you keep the leaves in place since each weighs more than 40 pounds. If the plaster is fastened correctly, the screws should only nick the surface of the paper on the wall.
  • Apply a thin layer of mud over each joint with a dry masonry trowel. Place the drywall tape over the mud and press on. Allow the mud time to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply a second layer of mud on the tape. Once it is dry, all sand.
  • Stations the drywall and let the primer coat dry, then paint the drywall, using a water-based latex paint.
  • Install a carpet pad, then stretch and carpet tack into place, or put quilted laminate and install the laminate over the padding.

That is it! If you’ve read this far then congrats, you are well on your way to having the necessary knowledge to convert your attic into a nice minimalist designed loft.

Hardwood floor maintenance

When it comes to how to care for hardwood floors there are a few things you must keep in mind.

1. Bubbles for the bath to wash the floor
If you want a beautiful, sparkling floor, simply add a little bubble bath to your water. In addition, good odors will emerge from your floor.

2. Dishwasher rinse agent
Do you want your wood floor to shine and dry quickly after cleaning? Add a few drops of dishwasher rinse agent to your water.

3. Vinegar and Murphy soap
Mix in 4 liters of water 1 cup of vinegar and a little Murphy soap (available in grocery stores). Your hardwood floor will be sparkling!

4. Peanut butter for scratches
Your hardwood floor has scratches? Apply peanut butter on cracking scratches and remove excess.

5. Micro-fibers to clean the floor
It is often recommended to use a micro-fiber mop rather than the traditional mop.

6. Moisten the floor
It is best not to wash the hardwood floor with water. It is best to moisten the floor before washing.

7. Dry well
After washing the floor, always wipe it clean. You can use a dry microfiber cloth or mop to do this.

8. Vacuuming
Before you start cleaning, vacuum your floor to remove dust and hairs as they grease the floor.

9. Gentle and neutral soap
Always use a mild, neutral soap that will not leave residues.

10. Vinegar as a cleanser
Vinegar is also recommended for washing hardwood floors. However, you have to put very little in the water.

Guide to maintaining wooden furniture

wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is good for minimalist design. You can start cleaning your wooden furniture preferably early in the season, in the spring.

Start by cleaning the wood with a stiff bristle brush with warm water and black soap.

Brush well the surface and insist on the recesses. If the brush is difficult to pass, do not hesitate to use an old toothbrush.

Then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Some well-encrusted tasks may still be present, a trick is to remove them by rubbing a cork or even an eraser. If it still resists it will then be necessary to arm yourself with elbow grease and sandpaper in order to sand the surface. A good sanding will have the property of opening the pores of the wood and then ensuring better penetration of treatment liquids.

Sanding creates dust, the passage of a damp sponge will remove residues of dust.

Furniture Stains

If the sight of slightly dimmed furniture displeases you, then use a specific product gritter. Apply in a generous layer, leave for a few minutes and brush vigorously before drying. Rinse with water and allow to dry.

The last step is to use a brush with one or two layers of teak oil on the exotic woods or specific stain on other species. These substances create a natural protection and return their original colors to different types of wood.

This operation can be done twice a year if necessary.

Note: wicker or rattan furniture will need special treatment. The cleaning will be done first by vacuuming, then in the same way as for other woods. Then apply linseed oil all over the surface and shine with a soft cloth.

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Aviation Décor For Your home

Today with an important role

Bringing some old aircraft parts into unique furniture parts and decorative items for every style sounds pretty different but great in the same time. You wouldn’t believe but there are even specialized shops and teams which make pretty magical stuff from aircraft parts for almost every type of property. You may see today these details in different restaurants, bars, hotels and even some important event organizations. These products are designed to the highest standards and come with the high level of durability, functionality, and authenticity.

Their use is coming in wide range, starting from being accessory to some bigger furniture parts that complete many exterior and interior locations. For example, you may find some aircraft wing flaps in the form of different tables and office desks renovated aircraft service trolleys, or some upgraded aircraft seats making great ambient with proper desk lamps created from genuine aircraft parts. Locations are various and you may find this type of décor in waiting rooms, cinemas, offices, game rooms or even boats.Here are some of the simple but very interesting aircraft parts that found their role how in housekeeping also in some working surroundings:

Cross coffee table

As furniture part that is found in every housekeeping one made from a set of legs of an economy class aircraft seat just can’t be ignored. It is engineered to last literally forever thanks to the aircraft grade aluminum. Size is various and it can be customized to any requiring. Simple design with high-quality wooden board makes it beautiful giving it a little natural touch. There are other various coffee tables made from another different part of an airplane like wing slats, window sections, and even airplane doors.

Aircraft accessories for your home

With a unique combination of electrical and mechanical aircraft parts there comes a unique but straightforward desk lamp which will for sure get attention from anybody seeing it in your home while it makes perfect lighting atmosphere. There are some custom brand new trolleys for any style and taste that can be used for clothes, books, filing cabinet or a drink and food distribution you could come across on some public event.

Aero chairs

Became very popular as being very comfortable and nice looking at the same time while giving that different touch to any office or private home study space. Retractable armrests, adjustable chair height in combination with chrome plated wheelie with a spring back tilt action, all based on an economy class aircraft passenger seat, makes a perfect fly in the comfort of your living or working area.



The Interior Design Of Buckingham Palace

The official Royal residence of the Queen and Prince Phillip is opened in only certain summer periods for the public. At this time you may visit and admire priceless art and amazing interiors throughout all State Rooms of this building. Of course this comes with a certain price but for great art lovers this will be a really small price comparing to experienced feelings while passing through this masterpiece building. This palace was built during the 1700s and finished with Baroque architectural style during 1800s. Baroque style is much observed on grand entrance, stairs, balconies and façade. Interior is made as a great mix of rococo, baroque and some finishing style of 19th century.

The State Rooms

There are main 19 State Rooms and 78 bathrooms as leading part of all 775 rooms throughout this building.  State Rooms are one that is included in tourist tours over the summer and here you may enjoy sumptuous carpets, sparkling candelabra, some fine furniture, marble columns and other amazing works of art. These luxurious rooms are decorated so Monarch could receive and entertain her subjects with the highest level possible.

Grand Staircase

As one of the highlights included in tours, this magnificent bronze art piece leaves everybody breathless. With an intricate pattern of acanthus, oak and laurel leave carved in double balustrade features it represents one of the finest bronze casting work in the world.

Throne Room

As one of the favorites of the visitors contains the thrones and ceremonial receptions for usual Queen’s Jubilees and is leading to the Palace’s largest multi-purpose room, the Ballroom for some great events like famous Royal weddings.

Garden Shop

As finishing amazing Tour through Buckingham palace guest may rest in the quiet garden café situated on the West Terrace of Buckingham palace with wide range of refreshment option. Beside refreshment guests may buy some exclusive souvenirs exclusively created and inspired by art in the Royal Collection.

Fine art

All the way the Tour there is no step without experience of some amazing paintings created by some greatest artist like Rembrandt, Claude, Van Dyck, Rubens and many others. Most of them are in the State Rooms beside some wonderful portraits of present and past Royal members. There are also other spectacular collections throughout the Palace such as Sevres Porcelain.As a great presentation of baroque, Rococo, 19th century and some minor decors of modern age this amazing building still proudly stands today for all others future generations to see.

Dig Duary – Interior Designer Expert

Work foundations

With holding outnumbering degrees, awards and honors in his working area Dig is not just an expert in interior design but also a great author and educator. Most important fact in his work is involving his clients into the whole process of designing creation. He works all the time on a fact that most important is the client’s need and idea which only has to get proper direction and wrapping.

Style plus experience

With his bright, elegant and simple style which is supplemented with lot of travel experience, he manages to produce timeless results. Authentic and global furnishing pieces with artifacts give a great sense of charisma and uniqueness. Traveling also gave him a great sense of taking care of our environment which is concerned in every step of his every project.

Photography lover

As a great photographer with “catchy eye” he also managed to combine his foundational work with his love to photography creating most beautiful home decors and designs. Dig is always on the search for the new ways to inspire the world of design. By combining the photographs as wall papers with unique pieces from all over the world he really does his job in most unique way.

Educator and author

With a great wish to share his passion about ways of designing our environment and connecting ourselves with the rest of the world, Dig has taught and hold many seminars and courses throughout his life career. He mostly focused on topics of design which include his photographs, decorative pieces, accessories, past and present decorative styles with business practices that lead only to success. He wants to show how his success was built on the ability to combine some unthinkably combining styles and concepts with respecting the history, culture and art of different parts of the world.


Dig’s work is featured throughout many highly prestigious residences, galleries, five-star hotels, sport events and even some royalty projects. Numerous collections in decorative wallpapers, furniture pieces and lighting pieces with rugs are just some of his amazing collections recognizable in every part of the world. His portfolio is just getting bigger from day to day fostering Dig’s global development of simplicity driven principles. Great sense for organizational function combined with a unique visual talent for texture and color resulted with outnumbering features starting from private homes, over luxury building complexes to amazing commercial design.



Home Improvement And Interior Design Tips And Tricks

About us

Our mission was always to build a reputation based on integrity, quality and best customer care which will get us above every competition. Providing a complete service when it comes to home improvement and interior design by some specially picked and highly skilled workforce we always bring total satisfaction to our customers. Great achievements and results we made throughout the history of our company plus outnumbering licenses, registrations, certifications and memberships tell a lot about our work, not mentioning client’s reviews.

Having a long-term experience within our work we want to share some of the trick and tips we learned while solving some greatest challenges regarding interior design and home improvement works. With some minimal costs and effort, you can do some small things with significant impact on your property.

Light colors make rooms larger

Some large windows and bright colors walls which may include mirrors as a high detail will provide a grand optical illusion of your future space. Not only you will get a feeling of u much larger room but these bright sensations will make great positive and tranquil effect on anybody stepping in this space. Decorative mirrors will not only provide some artistic touch to the space but also will add instant light if being placed directly across from the windows.

Texture, pattern and time mix

It is all about your style, your personality and who you are in the whole story of your property. Some old and antique pieces of your family members tell you story while reflecting you also. This doesn’t limit a possibility to buy some modern couch which tells your present and makes a perfect match to these past antiques. This also can be done with various colors, patterns and pieces of furniture and other decorative pieces.

Green touch

As for modern and minimalistic or old-fashioned approach, plants always make a great detail. And not only you will get some beautiful colors and textures from this guys but they also will balance the space humidity and clean air in your home. With powers of removing harmful gases by absorbing pollutants, everybody should be aware of their beauty and the importance of having them in their homes.It is important to remember that we spend the second largest time of our lives in our homes so all the improvement and changes have to be based on our happy and relaxing feelings in order to create a place with such effect on us and others.